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The Continuing Lessons of Art

Much of the art that has been created in the world has been destroyed, but some ancient pieces still remain. For some of them, their antiquity is their sole value. Many of the most ancient pieces continue to survive because they show a facet of the human condition that is recognizable to people from many different cultures. Art that can survive through the ages often has valuable lessons to teach each generation, but sometimes it can teach a person if they view it every so often during their lifetime.

Sculptures are some of the most accessible art pieces because they are often showcased in outdoor venues, and people see them as they pass by daily. These pieces might become invisible after a short time, but suddenly they will be noticed when a person is in a receptive mood. While their value is not a daily thought process, seen at just the right time can give them the power to impart a message. This is one way that art can continue to prove its value on a regular basis, and the message can be different each time.

As people age and mature, they see the world in a different light. A statue of a war hero to a child will not have the same meaning to that person as an adult. Children see the valor and glory of war, but adults might view it as a tragic event that should have been avoided. While the child is reminded of the patriotic value of the soldier, the adult sees the bravery of a person willing to defend their country. The adult also sees the history of the conflict and how it affected their country then and now.

While art is seldom created to teach lessons, its value as a way to judge cultural events can have that impact. Viewing art on a regular basis is a way for people to see how they have advanced in life, and their appreciation for the object and its creator will grow as they learn more every time they view it.